In 1979 Forest and MaryJo Koch began a small family business that they called the Treasure Chest. It was full of unique and wonderful furniture from new, used, to antiques. Having run a dairy farm in Montesano, WA in his early years as well as having been a dynamic leader at Simpson Lumber Mill in Shelton, WA, Forest knew how to run a business with precision. More commonly known as Frosty, Mr. Koch had a knack for spotting quality furniture at the best prices and wanted to share that talent with everyone. The Treasure Chest became extremely well known at its location in downtown Olympia, WA operating for many years while its good name and reputation continued to grow.

      During this time Frosty decided to expand the business to a second location in Lakewood on Bridgeport Way nestled between Fort Lewis and McCord Air Force Base. Business was thriving at both locations, but tragedy struck when the city decided to force the Treasure Chest and surrounding businesses off of their land in Olympia to build a bus station. Frosty spent his last years before retirement at the Lakewood location, teaching his youngest son the do's and do not's of running a successful business.  

     The Lakewood Treasure Chest was in business  for almost 31 years before they had their lease cancelled as the landlord  offered it to a big company with no option to counter offer.  The Treasure Chest is now back in Olympia-Lacey Area where it started. as of November 11,2020.  



About Us:

At The Treasure Chest you will find good size Secondhand store  of great deals on items for every part of your home. From living room furniture and dining room sets, to African Art and decorative lamps, we offer a wide variety of new, used and antique items perfect for any home. We receive 2-3 truck loads of a week of items ranging from middle of the road to high end items, so there are always items coming in the door to fit the tastes and budget of anyone who stops by.

If you are looking for something specific, we can always special order in new items that will almost always save you money compared to national chain stores. We offer 24 hour holds, as well as two different lay-a-way contracts, and options for delivery. 

LAY-A-WAY's require a non-refundable deposit that is 1/3 down of the total price of the item(s) wishing to be purchased.

***Items under $500 are eligible for 30 day lay-a-way's, and payments can be made in installments or the total cost of purchase is due on the final day of the lay-a-way contract.

***Items over $500 are eligible for 60 day lay-a-way's, and payments can be made in installments or the total cost of the purchase can be paid on the final day of the lay-a-way contract.

DELIVERY is available for all larger items with the cost depending on the distance from our location and the necessary man power needed to make the deliver.

The cost of delivery is priced whether it is a single item or an entire truckload of items if it can be delivered by one man. Cost increases depending on the distance the driver must travel, and the number of men needed to complete the job.