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"We Buy, Sell, & Trade!"

Toll Free: 1 (800) 303-2454

Phone: 1 (360) 459-2377

We Buy, Sell, and Trade!

         One of the unique features we offer here at the Treasure Chest is the option to not only buy furniture from us, but also sell or trade in furniture that you are looking to get rid of. We have been in the business of buying furniture from individuals and/or estates for over 35 years, and have always offered a fair and reasonable price for good quality items. Please note that we do not work off of consignment, and our ability to buy and/or trade items depends on many different variables. Such variables include what we currently have in stock, expected shipments coming in, and even the time of year. For example, it wouldn't be prudent to buy patio furniture in the dead of winter.  Please be aware that the buyer is not always in the store, and even when he is, he isn't always available, so do not bring the item(s) that you are wanting to sell/trade to the store, we wouldn't want you to waste a trip. If you would like for our buyer to consider your item(s) for either purchase or trade the following two options are how you would get started. 


Option One:

Photograph the item(s) you are wanting to sell/trade and attach the image(s) onto an EMAIL and send it to the following address: Please include within the email your NAME, PHONE NUMBER, and the PRICE you are hoping to receive for the item(s). Once the buyer has received the email and had a chance to look at the photograph(s) he will be in touch to discuss the item(s) with you as soon as he is available. 

Option Two:

Photograph the item(s) you are looking to sell and bring in PRINTED OUT, PHYSICAL COPIES of the photograph(s) with your NAME, PHONE NUMBER, and the PRICE you are wanting to receive for your item(s). You can either write this information on the back of the photograph(s) or attach a note to the image(s). The photo(s) will be put on the buyers desk and will be looked over as soon as he is available and you will be contacted as soon as possible. Again, please keep in mind that the buyer is constantly coming and going and is not always on hand to look at your photo(s) and we would not want you to waste a trip.  

***We ask that you please be respectful of our buying and trading policies. Please do NOT bring in picture(s) of your items on a camera or cellular telephone. Not only is it more difficult for the buyer to be able to fully examine your item(s), but as mentioned above he is not always in the store. If you do not have the physical picture(s) to leave it is possible that you will have wasted a trip. We are not in the furniture appraisal business, so please only email us or bring in photos if you are seriously interested in selling and/or trading your item(s) to us. Keep in mind, if you do not own a camera, or if you are not set up for email, disposable cameras can be purchased for less than $10.00 and photos can usually be processed in less than an hour. You can always ask a friend to borrow a camera or send an email for you, as well. We are always happy to do business with our customers, and our guidelines have been established to make the process as easy as possible. If we are unable to help you with the item(s) you are looking to see, we can always recommend other options that might benefit you.***

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